First Date Bloopers; What not to say on your first date!

First Date Bloopers; What not to say on your first date!

Everything was going so smooth until you had said that one line or asked that one question…and in a matter of seconds your amazing date turned into a disaster.

Does this situation sound any familiar? If yes, then you belong to the team of men, who chose to say what they ideally shouldn’t have on their first date. But do you know which one line—among all that you uttered—actually killed the buzz of your romantic evening (or day). Here are some hints.

I am not a virgin

Well, there will be a lot of opportunities to show off your sexual escapades and adventures if you get to survive your first date.

But if you use this line at the first date, chances are you will never really get to show her off the same. And, no even if you are 35 and you believe that it is obvious that you are not a virgin.

There is no need to word it at the first meeting; not unless she has really spoiled your evening with her boring stories about her roommate and you want to ensure that you never get to bored again with her company.

So, how many boyfriends you have had so far?

You might be curious about her past or maybe you just asked that question simply because you wanted to get the conversation flowing, but you should know that you shouldn’t venture in her personal zone so early.

How do you like to do it?

You might be curious to know what she likes in bed and what she doesn’t, but it is advisable wait for at least a couple of dates before you pop up the question.

My ex was a man eating monster

Now, you may have had a nasty experience with your ex and you might hate her to the core, but bringing that up on your first date is just not done. A statement like this will certainly make woman think that possibly you would have turned a woman into a man eating monster.

Don’t set this alarm if you want to see this girl again.

So, what is your weight?

Eh? Really? Do we really need to explain why you should not ask this question to a woman on a first date? And no, it is still a ‘no no’ irrespective of how perfectly shaped your date looks!

“How much money do you make in a month?”

So, you think she is an independent woman with high career aspirations and you just want to ask her how much money she makes, but you shouldn’t do this ever. And if you do, then chances are high that she would think you are a creep who traps women for their money.

Source: Ask Men

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