Meet the Experts

The Fixers

The fixers are coaches with extensive experience in helping couples and single people with various relationship and professional issues.

Dr. Ani

Dr. Ani is a University of Chicago trained medical doctor and relationship coach. She mentors and helps guide young women to better understand relationships and the roles played by each party. She is married ith 3 children.

Faith History

Faith History is a University of Baltimore Communications graduate who has worked extensively with young people in helping them achieve work-life balance. As an On-Air Personality, Faith also helps young people attain their dreams and potentials via technology, using her digital platforms both on radio and online. She is happily married with children.

Coach MIA

Coach MIA is a university of London graduate and a certified coach whose main area of study is in the differences between men and women and how best to create harmony within those differences. He is married with children.